So I recently had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with local Dundee photographer Chris Scott.

Having worked with Chris several times at weddings, I was always taken with his personable nature and of course was well aware of the quality of his work – to be honest it really speaks for itself.

Finding myself in the position needing new studio photos taken for my website, I got in touch with Chris because of his work and because I found him very easy to get along with.

The studio

My only experience of a photo studio from the past was at the Napier University Merchiston Campus studio. It was quite an impersonal space – totally isolated and shut off (as is needed I guess), so I sort of half expected the same again.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The studio itself is a warm, open and bright space down by Dundee Airport and faces out towards the river. Split in two, the actual action space is commodious and as you’d expect, but the other half of the space is bright and airy, with a large and awesome conference table with examples of Chris’ work adorning the walls.

I was immediately met at the door by a very friendly man assisting Chris who put me at sudden ease and offered me coffee and biscuits. It turns out that he was also the mastermind behind the amazing table.

The shoot

Having a vague idea of what I wanted, I sort of showed Chris some scant examples of that idea – “moody and dark”, but Chris immediately tuned into what I was looking for and had already dressed the shooting space with appropriate accoutrements.

You may find this hard to believe but I’m actually a little camera shy – I do photos for the necessity of it and can cope with informal situations, but I find it difficult to relax when I’m “posing”. Most pictures of me involve a silly face or a totally neutral face – not exactly album cover material or the kind of things that will sell me. Certainly most photos of me playing an instrument involve a frown and some sort of weird contortion of my mouth.

Chris, however, found a way to put me at ease. His excitement about the project and attention to detail filled me with sufficient confidence that got the best out of me. I didn’t feel that there was any guess work involved – everything was carefully tested and tweaked before being committed to the lens.

Moreover, it was chilled out. There was a serious, committed side to it, but all built on a solid foundation of chilled out, relaxed, banter-ful conversation, and that much I think has been the most positive part of this whole experience for me.

The results

I think the results will speak for themselves. I needn’t say much about this part, except for this is one of the few occasions when I’ve looked at photos of myself and felt totally, completely at ease with what I see, and that really is saying a lot.

If you’re a band, musician, professional or anything else looking for a great photoshoot from a great photographer, go and check out Chris at: